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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to this portion of the B.M.T.Y. website. This 'Bible Study Session' is the area where I believe will be a help and a blessing to you. I have worked on these Messages just to present them in a way that you can understand them. The different Messages below focus on the EARTH's ways, to make us think about what Satan is doing and why is he doing it. We let the TRUTH be known and the facts be shown- NO 'sugar-coating'. This is why I always said (and this is my quote)...

"I just want to tell people about the different things going on in the Word, just to make them think about what I saidgo study on the Word, then go and DO the Word. There is a lot to think about when things are happening to us, around us and against us, and we don't know why. The answers are in the Bible. The Bible belongs to Us, the Real Hebrew, Isra' Elite Jews, Not to the other Nations, so this is why we have to tell OUR People, in those other nations, who they really are, in Yahawashi, Our Savior, Our Good Shepherd and Appointed (God) King over Us, His kinfolk.


NOTE: You will still see 'older' Messages on this Blog, from when I first started in the Word, and how I evolved in the Truth. But it seems I have to delete the Messages that the videos on there, can no longer be seen. I no longer have the YouTube Channel that had the videos on there. So, I am in the process of doing that, each day. When I started this website, I had then, not known, in full detail, our Most High Father's, The Son's nor The Spirit' s Names (in the English form of Hebrew). I inform you now, that I have come to know, in full detail, the Ahba (Father) of the Highest Heaven by His Set-Apart name for His Chosen Children (We, the "scattered" Offspring of the 'so-called' Black, Latino and Native Indian People, Tribes of Isra'el (MataYashara' ahla) of the Old Testament- YAHAWAH  ALAHAIANAWAH (AHLAHAIANAWAH-English form of Ancient Hebrew= The Almighty), the Set-Apart Massiah- YAHAWASHAI, and the Set-Apart Spirit- RAWAK It is truly TIME FOR A CHANGE!

Yahawah (the Most high Father), Bahasham (in the name of) Yahawashi (His Son-Our Shepherd), Barak Athah (blesses you),  

Sananka AsharaYah Yashara' ahla


Much Love. Be Blessed. SHALAWAM!

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Black American Indians.... Documented

Posted on August 25, 2022 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (110)
Shalawam Everyone...

I was looking through some documentaries online, and I came across this one concerning how Americans saw and labeled the Indians (who were also taken from their homeland, killed, raped, beaten, tortured, and sold to the highest bidder, when they came here on a boat of Europen (Brittish) Pilgrims, they called themselves). Once a Census was taken, the Indian ...
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Why We Need To Change Our Names, Part 2

Posted on August 17, 2022 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (102)

Shalawan Everyone,

So, this is Part Two, on Why We Need Ti change Our Names,
We have to learn, people, that we can call on Yah's Name all day,  but it's His Word (His Commandments,Laws, Ststutes) He wants us, as His Children, to be DOING. We will not live with Him in H...
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Why We Need To Change Our Names

Posted on August 7, 2022 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (122)
Shalawam Everyone...

I am trying toput myself on some of thesevideos, now that i have the technology and the platform to do so. I must say, thatI am enjoying the fact that I can do this, so I can let my Hwbrew sisters (and brothers) know who WE are. All other Nations seem to know who we are, because they brought our ancestors over here, and now, they want to exterminat...
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