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Welcome to this portion of the B.M.T.Y. website. This 'Bible Study Session' is the area where I believe will be a help and a blessing to you. I have worked on these Messages just to present them in a way that you can understand them. The different Messages below focus on the EARTH's ways, to make us think about what Satan is doing and why is he doing it. We let the TRUTH be known and the facts be shown- NO 'sugar-coating'. This is why I always said (and this is my quote), "I just want to tell people about the different things going on in the Word, just to make them think about what I saidgo study on the Word, then go and DO the Word. There is a lot to think about when things are happening to us, around us and against us, and we don't know why. The answers are in the Bible. The Bible belongs to Us, the Real Hebrew, Israelite Jews, Not to the other Nations, so this is why we have to tell OUR People, in those other nations, who they really are, in Yahawashi, Our Savior, Our Good Shepherd and Appointed (God) King over Us, His kinfolk."

NOTE: You will see, on 'older' Messages on this Blog, the 'Church' names and deities, of whom I no longer worship nor serve- Jesus, Lord, God, Savior, Holy Ghost, Christ, Christian, etc. When I started this website, I had then, not known, in full detail, our Most High Father's, The Son's nor The Spirit' s Names (in the English form of Hebrew). I also inform you that I have come to know, in full detail, the Abba of the Highest Heaven by His Set-Apart name for His Chosen Children (We, the "scattered" Offspring of the 'so-called' Black, Latino and Native Indian People, Tribes of Isra'el (MataYashara' ahlaof the Old Testament- YAHAWAH  ALAHAIANAWAH (AHLAHAIANAWAH-Ancient Hebrew= The Almighty), the Set-Apart Massiah- YAHAWASHI, and the Set-Apart Spirit- RAWAK It is truly TIME FOR A CHANGE!

Yahawah (the Most high Father), Bahasham (in the name of) Yahawashi (His Son-Our Shepherd), Barak Athah (blesses you),  

Sananka AsharaYah Yashara' ahla


Much Love. Be Blessed. PEACE!

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Posted on September 3, 2022 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (300)

Shalawam My Hebrew Isra'elite Sisters...

I know that some of our brothers look at this website, too, so welcome you as well.
So, I had been looking for this movie for a long while, in places like PBS/APT (Public Television) and on other networks such as the movie apps that people haveseen it on, but I just couldn't get it. Last night, I was told about a movie app call Soap2Day. I was told the movie was on there. I tried to get that app and I couldn't. The Spirit of the Most High Yahawah led me to to the Search Engine and to type in "Free Movie Apps", and I was led to click on the free you can click on below.

If you haven't ever seen ROOTS in your life, then here it is. I really encourage you to see it. I have the Search Engine to play Episode 1, and when it plays, you will see that you will have to go backwards to each episode. When episode 1 ends, just click backwards on episode 2 and keep going. Fasinating Black History movie about our people, the Hebrews. Truly Facinating! I was blessed and very informed about out people when I saw it, and now I am very educated and aware of what happened to our ancestors during the Slave Trades and what's happening to us today.

The Scenes, Actors and Documentaries From Our Black History Miniseries ALEX HALEY's "ROOTS"

Posted on August 27, 2022 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (80)
Shalawam All...

I came to love the movie "ROOTS" when I saw it for the first time. I must admit, the first time I saw it, I was already learning about the Atlantic and Arab Slave Trade Ships that brought my ancestors here, and that a vast number of them were either killed, raped and killed, or kept alive with many of them chained together with a heavy weight on the end, and thrown overboard. I have to say, the movie pissed me off past 100. I was boiling hot with rage and hatred towards the 'red; man, the Father Yahawah calls them in the Bible. It was a very hurtful thing to see our Hebrew ancestors get whipped, beaten, castrated, boiled in oil, lynched, raped, albino children taken by 'Massa' and raised as their own, feet and legs cut off, crawling babies used as Alligator Bait, etc. (some of this you won't see in the movie, but it happened).

As I got older and started watching it everytime it came on PBS/ APT Public Television (channel 10/ channel 11 on Spectrum), I came to embrace it, mainly because as I read the Bible about what our Hebrew ancestors went through, even in Egypt at that time, I could see that the same thing happened  back then, as well. It still hurts, nontheless, but I also knew in the Word of Yahawah, that HE is gonna 'flipp-the-Script' on the Heathen and the other Nations... they are gonna become Our Slaves in the End Time.

But on here, I just wanted to show you just how deep the movie was to the actors and how the actors could feel the presence of their ancstors while thery were filming the miniseries "ROOTS". but first, check out the link on JAMES BALDWIN, a very interestin man. Check it out....

Click on the link below, and you will get information as well as videos on a Hebrew name of JAMES BALDWIN, and how he made history on different Networks in the1960s...

Also, you can get more information from PBS convcerning these exerpts rrom the miniseries ALEX HALEY\s "ROOTS".